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to advancing the integration of technology into teaching and learning. This includes developing and supporting the required infrastructure, hardware, software, and professional development. Our goals are to improve student academic achievement through technology literacy and to improve the capacity of all teachers to integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instruction.

LUHSD is pleased to announce that 9th-12th grade students attending Lassen High School will have access to Microsoft Office365. Students will have access to the following through Office365:

  • Student email addresses provided by LUHSD. In accordance with the district Acceptable Use Policy, students should only use this account for educational purposes and should keep the account information private. Students will need to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy when using the email account and will be disciplined accordingly for violations
  • Each student in the district can download Microsoft Office FREE on up to five personal devices. Automatic updates are included in order to stay current with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.

If you or your students would like training on any of these applications you can visit the Office 365 Training Center provided by Microsoft at no cost. Students are also required to take a computer course which covers all of these applications.

Click HERE for to visit the Office 365 Training Center

Lassen Student email will allow students to:

  • Communicate and receive information in a safe/filtered environment.
  • Apply college/career ready skills relative to communication and productivity.
  • Share files and collaborate with student peers and/or teachers.
  • Access, share, and create digital products available through Office365 programs (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Use web tools that accommodate individualized or curricular needs.

Guidelines for student use of email:
In accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy, use Lassen High email for academic purposes only.

  • Do not share your email username and password with anyone and follow guidelines for strong passwords.
  • Delete and report unfamiliar or suspicious email that includes attachments or links.
    • Forward suspicious emails to
    • Do not trust an e-mail just because it looks official or has a company logo.
    • Do not reply to email that asks you for sensitive information.
  • Be respectful of someone else’s time.
    • Follow teacher posted availability for email communication or ask your teacher when he/she might check email.
    • Meet deadlines provided by your teacher.
  • Maintain a positive “digital footprint” through what you share and post online.
    • Re-read what you write before you send.
      • Consider the appropriateness of your tone in personal and academic communication.
      • Remember that others may have different opinions than your own—even if you cannot control what someone else says and does, you can control what you say and do.
      • Use formal, or academically appropriate word choice and grammar when publishing text online.
    • Speak with a person face to face (or seek help from appropriate support personnel) before sending, responding to, or publishing sensitive subject matter.

A Message from the Network Administrator:

Is technology a cure all for every learning problem?

Does a computer/tablet make all students learn at their full potential?

The answer to both of these questions depend upon how technology is used to enhance the educational program. Technology in the classroom that is devoid of purpose will ultimately fail. The best possible use of any technology is by trained educators who have planned thoughtfully and who are committed to follow through with these plans. Lassen Union High School District has both teachers and staff who are committed to this kind of quality.

All too often devices are purchased, put in place as quickly as possible, and then found to not work or not used. This model leads to frustration and refusal to further use technology. The better model is to first investigate tech resources that can be used for each subject area, develop ways to enhance instruction using these tech resources, train staff and administrators to use them, and then select devices, making sure the infrastructure can support those devices.

If you have general questions or concerns about the technology used in the district, please email us at

We look forward to working with all user groups to improve our use of existing or new technologies within the District.


The Tech Team

Andrea Rose
Technology Coordinator

Alice Speiker 
Instructional and Campus Support Technologist

Amy Johnson 
Media Center Technician