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Parents and students,

As April 14 is quickly approaching, we have been working to establish a plan to educate the students of Lassen Union High School District. We look forward to returning to provide your student(s) an education. This is not the traditional school setting that we would like to provide to our students, however we want to help them be prepared for next school year.

As we transition into the fourth quarter, we want to make sure that everyone is fully aware that we will be expecting students to do school work. Face-to-face instruction with a quality teacher is our first desire and we know that online learning does not work for every student. Packet learning is not adequate and students quickly forget what was covered in worksheets. Even with these challenges, we plan to educate your child to the best of our abilities under these circumstances.

Our goal is to ensure that your children cover the most important sections of their courses and are ready to return to class in August. After lengthy discussions, our teachers and leadership have agreed to a uniform grading policy for all classes during this difficult time.

  1. Teachers will grade student work and provide feedback.
  2. Third Quarter grades will be counted as Second Semester grades unless work completed during student dismissal increases student grades.
  3. Teachers cannot decrease student grades based on work completed/not completed, but teachers can raise students’ grades at teacher discretion.
  4. Students will be able to make up missed work from absences prior to school closing.
  5. Plato and online course completion is still required.
  6. Failure to do any work during this time may result in a failing grade for the 4th quarter.

We realize this will be a challenge for our students and for you as a parent. Technology will also be a challenge for some. Additionally, many of you are still working and it will be difficult to help your children. We ask that you communicate your struggles with us. Please feel free to email your child’s teacher or me at We will do everything we can to help.

I cannot promise that this will be easy or that we will not make mistakes, but from the mistakes that we make, we will learn and grow.

Remember that we are serving breakfast and lunch for children every school day, here at our school campus or at several bus stops throughout the county. Be safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Morgan Nugent
Lassen Union High School