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Library & Media

Welcome to the Lassen Union High School District Media Center!

Located inside the 700 Building on the ground floor, the media center is here to serve ALL of the students within the LUHS District.

Our hours of operation are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, each school day. (Special circumstances may occur where the Library will be closed for all or part of the day.) The Library is closed when school is closed.

The media center is a great resource and a quiet oasis for your studies. By obeying a few simple rules, you can maximize your experience and be courteous to others at the same time.

Media Center Rules to live by:

  • To protect the furniture…No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed inside the Library.
  • To protect the computers…ALL food and drink are off-limits in the Computer Lab at all times. No exceptions, no warnings.
  • Computer usage: By signing the Consent and Waiver form (also known as the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the Internet or AUP), students agree to abide by the District rules and regulations. To that end, we’d like to remind students that chat rooms, games, and music are not acceptable uses of the internet.
  • You may checkout up to 3 items at one time, for up to a three-week period, and may be renewed as many times as needed.
  • Students will use their student ID number in order to checkout any book or item using the self-checkout stand.

NEW On-line Library:

Check out Destiny Discover and see what we have in our catalog, review books you have read, and see if the book you are looking for is checked out or not. You can also look up Library Search ( log in and see if you have anything checked out.


The Library offers a wide range of resources including books, periodicals, magazines, videos, and many web links. Frequently used web links are listed below for your convenience.


Textbooks are also checked out through the library.

The LUHSD Board of Trustees plays an essential role in ensuring that Lassen Union High School District has the highest quality instructional materials available for students and teachers. All core academic textbooks go through a rigorous acceptance process. Departments review proposed textbooks and make their recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Trustees review the textbooks and then will discuss and adopt the textbooks at an open session of a regular board meeting. Every student has access to their own textbooks and instructional materials to use in class and to take home.

During the course of the year, there may be periodic “textbook checks”. This involves every student recording the textbook number from the back of each of their assigned textbooks and relaying this information to the Library. This procedure reduces the amount of lost textbooks over the course of the year, saving the District the cost of replacing textbooks as often. At the end of each school year the Library collects ALL textbooks. Students are responsible for these textbooks while they are checked out. If you have lost or damaged a textbook, please see Deanna Ross in the Library for further information.

Library Fines and Holds:

Our District’s operating budget is largely impacted by lost/damaged textbooks, lost/damaged library books, unusable sports uniforms or unpaid fees, and other unpaid athletic program (i.e.: Cheerleader or Drill team) fees or unusable uniforms.

Unpaid fines and fees also result in being placed on the “Holds” list making students unable to participate in sports, field trips, dance, end of year celebrations, and ultimately graduation activities.

Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What would cause my student to be on the “Holds” list?
A. Any of the following would place the student on the “Holds” list:

  • Overdue/Non-returned Library book
  • Non-returned textbook
  • Failure to check-in textbooks during mid-year check
  • School equipment or uniform not being returned
  • Damaged items (Including, but not limited to: library books, textbooks, school materials, or other school property)

Q. How does my student get off the “Holds” list?
A. To get off the “Holds” list the student (or parent) needs to resolve whatever issue is causing the hold. If it is a textbook that needs to be checked in or returned, the simple act of checking it in or returning it removes the student from the “Holds” list, unless there are other items causing the hold. Please call or email the Library with any questions.

Q. What if my student cannot find the missing book/item?
A. If the item cannot be located, call or email the Library to discuss options.

Amy Johnson
Media Center Technician


You can use the links above to help start your research but why stop there! Follow the link to learn how to conduct your own online research.

Free Resources

Microsoft Office 365 every student has access to Microsoft Office 365 (word, excel, powerpoint, ect..) for free! For directions on how to download Office 365 click HERE