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Special Education Services

Special Education Department:

LUHSD provides specially designed instruction, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities. This instruction is provided in a variety of settings that allow students to be educated with their peers as much as possible; that is, in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

LUHSD Special Education Administrative Team is here to support families! Please do not hesitate to contact the Special Education Team with questions or concerns at (530) 257-2142

Accessibility tools for school and home

This font was created by a graphic designer with dyslexia. It helps people with dyslexia read and is also helpful for struggling readers. It is free for home use and is available on all LHS computers. This font can be used with most of the programs on the computer and can also be used to create easier to read handouts for students.

To learn more or download the font for free visit

This is a free tool within OneNote that is standard on every computer at LHS. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced dictation
  • Focus mode
  • Immersive reading
  • Font spacing and short lines
  • Parts of speech
  • Syllabification
  • Comprehension mode
  • Immersive reader
  • Works well with Dyslexie font

Learn more here about immersive readers on the MS Office Blog 

This Chrome extension allows users to change or invert the color scheme to make webpages easier to read. Every computer on the LHS campus has this in the upper right corner of Chrome. To adjust settings click on the circle in the upper right corner of chrome. This extension is available on every computer at Lassen High. You can get the High Contrast Chrome extension yourself HERE

Office Lens both an app for mobile devices but also a built in camera option in OneNote that lets you take pictures of whiteboards or printed documents, then enhances your photo by cropping, sharpening, and straightening it, so it looks almost like a scanned image. Your picture is added to your note in OneNote or camera storage so you can retrieve it later, write on it, or use a screen reader to read it.

The app itself has a read aloud option, font size adjustments and more.

For more information on office lens you can click HERE 

Windows Speech Recognition is free and easy to use. Learn more HERE

The program is very similar to Dragon but is free and has control features as well as dictation software. Like any new software you will need to learn how to use it to make the most out of your speech recognition software.

Windows 10 has several accessibility options including a narrator that will read the screen. Practice makes perfect, and there are a few controls to help users navigate through web pages more quickly. Find out more about text to speech options HERE

Visual stress, dyslexia, and other reading issues can sometimes be helped with color overlays. This effect can be duplicated digitally in several different ways. Through the use of OneNote you can change the color of backgrounds using the Learning Tools option or simply by changing the background color on any given page, you can also do this with many other programs and apps by changing the color of the background.

Patricia Monath
Special Education Secretary
(530) 257-2142

DR. Lynn Pikero
Special Education Coordinator
(530) 251-1126