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Small but mighty:

At Lassen we believe that every student can succeed and we offer career paths and alternative learning environments, such as Lassen Virtual Academy, along with traditional and core classes.

Lassen Virtual Academy is part of Lassen Union High School and provides a rigorous alternative or supplement to the normal high school experience —This is a unique program that combines:

  • Strong parental involvement
  • Expertise and accountability of public education with scheduled one-on-one time with an accredited teacher who will help your student and provide accountability
  • Flexibility of online classes
  • Ability to access in-class extracurricular activities

Lassen Virtual Academy also provides a FREE online school that is available to 9–12 students within the Lassen Union High School district.

The mission of Lassen Virtual Academy is to help each student maximize his or her potential with an individualized experience that will help students become career and college ready. We tailor our approach for students of all abilities—preparing students to succeed in school, and in life.

For more information contact Zeane Barber at 257-2703 or the District Office at 257-5134


Morgan Nugent

Lynn Pikero

Robert Nielsen
Dean of Students

Zeane Barber
Lead Teacher