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Special Programs at Lassen

AP Classes:

Lassen High School offers a variety of AP courses and gives our students a large discount on ordering the tests themselves. Advanced Placement (AP) classes provide the most rigorous level of coursework offered at Lassen High School. According to data collected by the College Board, a high school curriculum of high intensity and quality, such as that found in AP courses, has the strongest correlation to bachelor’s degree completion. Studies found that 85% of those who took AP courses continued their education after high school. Additionally, research has shown that students who participate in AP classes in high school receive average grades better than 3.0 in college. AP classes require some special attributes if students are to succeed. To find out more or to see if your student qualifies contact the Counseling Department.


We provide several Pathways at Lassen High. These pathways are designed around rigorous curricula that meet California’s standards for student achievement while providing students with non-traditional learning paths. To view all our pathways click HERE.

Sports and clubs:

Lassen High School is proud of our diverse range of extracurricular programs that draw on over 100 years of tradition to strengthen our student’s minds and bodies. Generations of alumni support our student athletes, school, and clubs. We learn from our past so we may strengthen our future, and the future is looking bright! You can see a full list of clubs and sports HERE.

Special Education:

Our special education department works hard to provide services for students with disabilities. Lassen High School recognizes that diversity comes in many forms and we work hard to For more information contact the Special Education Department.

English Learners:

Our school has a small group of English Learners from around the globe. Our goal for all English learners is to successfully meet the State standards and achieve A-G college entrance requirements for California State and UC schools.